Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy flowers?

Today more than ever before, fresh flowers are affordable and readily available at your local grocery store, farmers market, home improvement store or even your own backyard.

What happens after I have used the floral foam and template?

The floral foam and the template should be properly recycled, as should the flowers.

What if I make a mistake while making an arrangement?

It is possible to use the other side of the floral foam. Simply turn it over, and you can start again on the other side with a new template.

What if I can't find the different colors & varieties of flowers in my chosen recipe?

Flower Recipes are there to help learn, and to inspire you to design your own arrangements! If you are unable to find the flower variety and/or colors listed in the recipe, then it is time to get creative, check out some of the other recipes, or simply create your own.

Are recipes and numbered templates available?

We have made both flower recipes and numbered template resources available for you, right here on our Website.

A wide variety of recipes have been painstakingly crafted to assist you. The numbered templates for each are clearly indicated on each recipe, and are  currently available at no additional charge.

Please feel free to review & download them, and to use them as the have been created, or to modify them to suit your creative mood!

Is it possible to request a custom arrangement recipe?

We are able to assist customers who purchase eight (8) or more FbN kits, with the creation of a customized FbN arrangement recipe to serve your specific event or function. Please use our email form to contact us and share additional details about your needs. We will respond to your request promptly.

What if I have questions not answered here?

If you have questions we have not addressed or anticipated, you are welcome to send us an email message and we will respond as promptly as possible. To send us an email, please use the form on our Contact Us page, which helps to ensure we receive and respond to your message.